iCope Online

iCope Online is an interactive online therapy programme which has a catalogue of CBT treatment modules, self-help tools and diaries to help tackle difficult feelings of anxiety, depression and stress. We have modules for topics such as Panic, Depression, Work Stress and Relaxation.

Once you have an account you can download the Minddistrict app which allows you to access the programme anytime, anywhere, on any device that has an internet connection e.g. computer, smartphone, tablet. iCope Online is therefore an ideal option for people who may have difficulty attending regular appointments away from home e.g. full-time workers, parents, carers. It provides a flexible way for you to access support.

Each session can be done independently (pure self-help) or with the feedback of a therapist (guided self-help) and even after you have completed treatment you will have access to the programme for an entire year. This allows you the opportunity to recap the sessions which can help maintain progress and prevent setbacks. The pure self-help option can be a particularly good first step before receiving any formal therapy. It is also a stand-alone treatment in its own right that can be accessed with minimal waiting time.

How to access iCope Online

If you are interested in this type of treatment, please refer yourself to us using the blue “Refer yourself to us” button to the left. Once you have completed this form one of our team will contact you and help you choose what therapy options may be best for you.

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